“Showing Up, Showing Out…”

Today’s post is something I shared earlier today on Instagram. I’d shared this on my “personal” account and not my business page @13 Rhythms  It seemed like a very personal reflection to share, but I realised just because I’m a business owner, I’m still very much human, and so I decided to share here, too.

So the person in the header isn’t the person writing this blog post, just for full disclosure!

So the quote from Insta was:

“This one isn’t really about the picture. On Insta lol…On a recent trip away I was busy working on my business most days, spending days indoors, laptop seemingly stuck to my lap. On occasion days, I spent some time at the beach. My two favourite things in the world are the ocean and the sunset. If you didn’t know, now you do. Well those two things plus food, music, partner dancing and Zimbabwe…anyway!

I digress.

Every time I arrived at the sea I swiftly whipped my clothes off, ready to get into the sea – my swimwear strategically under my outfit – I’m from the old school! I splashed about,  walking confidently up and down the beach in a bikini, rather than a swimming costume for maximum sun exposure. I took several really cute pics and videos on the beach, alone and with friends. Yet I look at them and wouldn’t dream of sharing them online. I won’t now either, but it did make me think about visibility and “showing up”.

I have a body that works, it functions well. It holds me upright, and allows me to do the things I want, including travel to see different seas and sunsets, with ease. I have lumps in the wrong places and a lack of bumps where I would love to have them! That’s life right. I realised there, in that context, on the beach in a foreign country, I wasn’t shy about my body. Online I am, I suppose. What is that about? I wasn’t immodestly parading around, just walking around in a bikini tanning #LikeABoss

So I reflect on this question of being seen, whilst simultaneously hiding, and find myself thinking about how it affects me, and my business and life in general. Always reflecting…
The moral of the story is wear strapless bikinis to avoid tan lines and stop hiding Nats…just stop it…”

So that’ the post from Insta. It’s had engagement and some have agreed with the sentiment I’ve expressed. It seems that many of us have challenges around visibility, not in the context of walking around in bikini, as that’s not a requirement of running a business! – but in the sense of “showing out” in relation to our expertise, skills, knowledge and experience, and the way that we can “show up” to bring these to forefront when we’re telling the world how excellent, dynamic and effective we are when working with our clients.

When we know we deliver an excellent service, but we don’t tell people about it in a strategic way, it’s like wearing straps – we’ve gone a little of the way, but still holding back, and we’re avoiding showing all of ourselves to the Sun. Let me add – I don’t mean going topless! I mean if you want to tan, get a nice even one including all of your shoulders. I don’t want to overstate this bikini metaphor, but I hope you get my drift!

We post on social media, but we don’t push, promote or share our posts in a strategic way. We know that we can advise and give great service to our clients, but our activities in our own business aren’t quite organised in the way that we are advising our clients to be. It’s like stripping off on the beach there, but hiding undercover over here…

Today’s post is more a message to myself, that I hope others can relate to. It’s about taking some time to reflect on where we are with the visibility of our businesses, and then making an assessment of whether you need to address our own “visibility” challenges. I’ll follow this one up with some tips on how we can increase visibility, but first we start with acknowledgment.

Oh, and this is the picture I shared with this post on Instagram, not a professional picture as you can see! Taken with my ancient iPhone on my recent trip away.


Until next time.


Natalie Freeman

13 Rhythms “Developing your story creating chapters you deserve”

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