“Not another generic NYE message?”

Tomorrow, 31st December is New Year’s Eve, also known as Old Year’s Night. In fact we are subject to lots of “year endings” and new year starts. There’s the Gregorian calendar year end of 31st December of course. In the UK the financial year ends on the 31st March, and on the 5th April for those who are self-employed and who manage their own tax affairs.

Then there’s the “new year” that is our birthday – the beginning of another journey around the Sun. For those in the Islamic world and  for its adherents across the globe their lunar calendar sees the new year beginning on the 1st day of the month Muharram, on the equivalent date 22nd September 2017 in the Gregorian calendar. In the East African country of Ethiopia, the first day of the New Year is marked on Meskerem 1 on their calendar,  on the Gregorian calendar equivalent date of 11 September.

Across the globe the New Year is calculated by various methods including observing lunar months, by measuring movements of celestial bodies and observance of traditional festivals amongst others.


I mention this on the eve of New Year’s Eve as this time of the year is packed with many of us making commitments to make changes. We start off with great intentions planning to  adjust our diet, up our fitness level, implement career changes,  organise our finances, improve our relationships and promise to read more. Reading more is always on the list…! New Year’s resolutions are excellent. They provide focus, give us something to aim for and structure our plans. Taking time out to set new year’s resolutions is admirable, and sharing them with others is excellent with regards to accountability. Having someone other than ourselves hold us to our plans can be a great way to ensure that we stay on track.

Calendar with pushpins

If we happen to falter, some of us have a tendency to lack generosity towards our failings and we treat ourselves with disdain if we don’t keep up our plans into January, February and beyond. It’s all too easy to feel like a failure if we lose our way and fall off the wagon – or fail to get through the 75 books we promised ourselves we would finish by March…

But look! Look at how many “new years” there are. If we don’t stay on track there’s no need to wait until the next January. Life is beautiful in that it gives us endless options -the shift in mindset is the secret, not a date on a calendar. Set your own new year and create as many as you need to, just like the world has…and keep going…

Good luck…and Happy New Year for whenever you celebrate it!


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