Incy, wincy spider…

So. I’m sitting at my desk. working on the laptop – as usual – and in my peripheral vision I see something crawling down the wall. On a string, well its web. It was a surprisingly large spider actually.

I imagined various scenarios – “What if I was asleep and it crawled into my ear and laid eggs?” “What if it crawled into my hair and crawled out in the supermarket?” What if I felt it crawling down my neck and in my frenzy to brush it out I flailed my arms around and punched someone in the face and knocked some vases over?!”

In the end, none of that happened. That was my overactive imagination wreaking havoc.

This time I simply got up, calmly, got the vacuum cleaner out, switched it on and sucked Spidey away into the abyss. Then I turned the Hoover off, without drama, put it away, sat back down and got back to work. Probably took around 92 seconds.

In this blog there isn’t any big action. There’s no momentous event, or intense scenario that provided the reason for this week’s entry. It’s all pretty calm. However, I did learn something in dealing with Spidey. I saw a challenge, thought about a solution, utilised the solution, dealt with it and continued with my tasks. It made me think that maybe business should be like that too. Sometimes, we should just get up and deal with whatever is in front of us. We should just see the problem and utilise a quick, easy and painless solution for all parties. My usual screaming and jumping around would have caused a delay in my working schedule, put me behind with tasks and made me unnecessarily stressed out. I know this is what happens. It has happened before…


We know that business can throw problems at us sometimes. There’s a whole host of difficult situations that we can find ourselves in as we go about building our businesses and changing our lives. Spidey taught me that sometimes we have to just deal with them – without fanfare, sometimes on our own and in a calm and reasonable way, so that we can carry on delivering our products and services to our customers.

So this is dedicated to my Spidey and all the other Spideys that have been dealt with that have taught me a valuable lesson. Believe me, I have done the loud, sweating, screaming, skin crawling, irrational, arachnophobic response when faced with spiders. I might even do it again…however in our businesses, sometimes we have to learn to face our fears head on and keep pushing forward, calmly.

That’s it.

Good luck conquering your literal and metaphorical spiders!


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