A nice cup of tea…

I’ve just finished a lovely cup of tea.

The perfect temperature, perfect sweetness and the right amount of milk. My preferred blend is Earl Grey. I’m not a purist though as I have mine with milk…I know, I know…!

I used to have the occasional hot chocolate when I worked in my last job. It was convenient as we had a Costa Coffee cafe on-site. Now though I drink tea. A lot of tea. It’s the way that I break up my day, stepping away from my laptop and between calls and clients, going through the ritual of brewing up a cuppa.

I noticed today, that many of my daily habits have changed, and my beverage choice is a small element of that. Since taking the leap to become self-employed, my routine is different. I have various alarms set for reminders to share posts on Instagram and twitter. I have daily targets to increase my followers and levels of interaction across my various social media accounts. I spend time on Facebook but with a different agenda than before. I have to think about my personal visibility in a very different way now, something I didn’t think about at all whilst in a job. I am constantly thinking about my messaging and ways of doing business and creating my own opportunities. In a job, someone else directs our work and measures our progress and targets. Now it’s all on me. Whilst this is a challenge it’s also incredibly exciting.

So yes, I now drink a lot of tea; but I’m having a great time whilst doing it…

Reminder of our upcoming event:

9th November, London, “Starting Up! Problems and Solutions” – tickets and info here: http://bit.ly/2dTEaf6

Oh and those social media accounts I referred to:

@13Rhythms on twitter, Instagram and Facebook



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