That time already?!

So I didn’t blog last week.

I feel really bad about it. I was conscious of the fact that it was Tuesday morning, then Tuesday afternoon, then Tuesday evening, and I hadn’t blogged. I hadn’t even started.

It’s not to say that I wasn’t busy. I had loads going on. Mostly I was doing final promotion for the event that I held on the 20th October, “Monetise Your Passion” and doing the last parts of the event planning and preparation for that.


I allowed other tasks to get in the way of something that I had committed to. I fully thought that I would able to fit in my blogging and somehow it just didn’t work out that way. Well not “somehow” – I just didn’t get around to completing it – I didn’t give myself enough time.

This blog entry is partly about me admitting that as a business owner, I have times when I don’t get it all completely right. I think that’s OK, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I guess the secondary purpose for me writing it is to encourage myself and my readers to consider the importance of time management and good business related habits. So much of what I do is dictated by clients and other variables, that I felt good to commit to the discipline of posting one blog a week. I had done pretty well in maintaining this promise to myself and felt comfortable about the quite rigid nature of this deadline. “Tuesday is 13 blog day” became the introduction to my posts as I shared them on social media. Then last week I didn’t. Sigh.

But business is all about making mistakes, recognising what went wrong and thinking about and most importantly, implementing, problem solving strategies to ensure that we can stop the same from happening again. Not blogging isn’t a huge issue in the scheme of running a business. However, I suspect that those that read this blog noticed that there wasn’t one last week . With that being said, not maintaining our own patterns can be assumed to indicate other unfavourable business practices. This isn’t the case of course – not blogging was due to preparation for my first event as 13 Rhythms, and time spent with clients. However, what is true and what our customers might think can be two different things. Perception is a key thing in business.

So today’s one week and one day late blog is dedicated to those of us who sometimes slip up in trying to do the right thing…who don’t always make it, but are trying!

Good luck!

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