“Just Wait…”

Yesterday I was invited to join a podcast to speak about 13 and the events I have coming up later this month, in November and December. It was my first time being “interviewed” and speaking about not just my business, but a little bit about how I came to be developing 13 Rhythms. I think I underestimate the importance of my personal story and how others might relate to it…Maybe that’s a topic for a future blog…?

The producers of the podcast forwarded the list of questions in advance as well as asking me to pick a song that reflected my entrepreneurial journey so far. This was quite difficult, as it’s not something I’d thought of before, but I came up with a song. My choice was “Just Wait” by Incisive featuring Shakka.


Shakka (left and upside down, Incisive on the right)

As I listened to the song lyrics I was struck by how relevant they are to the process of starting-up and running your own business. The song speaks of Incisive’s continual push to be able to do music as his full time pursuit and achieve a certain level of success with it. Despite being well known on the live music scene and producing and releasing albums I suspect that many of our readers haven’t heard of either of them. I think is something they would like to change.

But listening to the song with a new perspective presented me with lots of food for thought and inspired today’s blog. Some of the stand-out lyrics for me were:

“You move ‘cos you tell your legs to move…”

Being self-employed is about being self-propelling. Absolutely – your motivation has to come from you now that you’re taking this journey.

“Yeah I’m on my grind, even when I’m skygazing or playing Playstation or farting around on Facebook…”

I find that entrepreneurs and those who are self-employed are often thinking about the next thing they want to do in their business, or a new idea they have, even in their downtime. This is something I’m sure many can identify with.


“None of these things are ever set in stone.”

I find this line to be very relevant – our business idea and our overall vision for our lives with our businesses remains the solid foundation of what we do on a day to day basis, but there is a need to be adaptable about how we go about developing our business, as the needs of our customers and environments change.

“When I play my hand then I’m all in”

This one is self-explanatory, right? If we’re about this journey we have to fully commit to it, even it’s it’s not our full time business.

My favourite line of all?

“There’s only plan A, plan B is doing plan A.”

I LOVE this line. I interpret it as even if we change our initial actions towards achieving our business goals – plan A – we are simply taking a new approach to achieving our business goals – plan B – and not changing our plans altogether – Plan A. I hope I’ve made this comment make sense? It’s my favourite line and it makes complete sense to me! Ort it can be interpreted as being single minded and fixed completely on your goal – no deviating. Both work for me.

Do you have a song that relates to your entrepreneurial journey? Share your thoughts. You can listen to an shorter version of my song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAg1kWDYxW4.

The full song including Shakka’s verse is available on iTunes:

My podcast is being edited and will be available for next week’s blog. I’m a tiny bit excited…!

Have a great week!




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