Taking the Plunge…

Presenting our products or services to potential customers can feel pretty nerve-wracking. It’s essentially us displaying a part of ourselves to “the world” in the hope that they think we are as good as we think we are. We may have taken time to train and hone our skills, having observed Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” resulting in us being very good at our “something”.

When we choose to take the opportunity to let others see our “something” this is where the understandable nervousness comes in. We worry about the quality, about the response we’ll receive, about whether people will think us authentic and believable as a product or service provider.


The good news is, these feelings are normal – how could we not feel apprehensive about this process? There’s even more good news though as we remember the following things:

  • Taking your skills to the market is an essential part of the business start-up process. It will give you the opportunity to have controlled exposure to customers and to gather their feedback.
  • Feedback is one of the most important factors in your business.  Positive comments help you to know what you should continue doing – this can help to shape your eventual product launch or let you know what services to start with. Feedback that provides you with “areas of development” is equally, if not more, important, as it is this information that forms the basis of the changes and adaptations to your original idea, keeping you in line with the needs of your target customer.
  • Letting yourself feel the nerves and doing it anyway will be an activity that will be repeated over and over again in your business journey. You may as well do it now and start getting used to it!

Nerves aren’t a bad thing – it’s nerves that stop us from acting and making moves in our business that are damaging. So breathe deeply, wear a smile, believe in yourself and expose your skills to the world…!

Good luck.




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