“There’s too much to do!”

During a meeting with a client this week, a lesson came into sharp focus.

Often entrepreneurs have an idea of what they have to do to get their businesses off the ground, it’s just that they believe they have to do it ALL. Many of us are great at lots of things, but we aren’t good at everything – and that’s OK! The secret to our success can be linked to the power of our network – those people that bring skills, experience, expertise and support for our endeavours and help us stay on target.


Ask for help!

Get support!


Start to think about the tasks that are your speciality – and delegate the others. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone to tackle some of the business related tasks that aren’t your favourite things to do, but at the same time, be strategic about when and why you should outsource particular activities. Doing this can free your time to focus on other crucial activities.

It’s also important to not feel guilty about what you aren’t doing. I’ve felt it personally, and observed it in others, that as we concentrate on one task, our minds travel to all the other things we aren’t focusing on in that moment, and then the guilt comes. Delegation, paying someone else or bartering services with others are all good ways to free yourself from the guilt of not being Superman or Wonderwoman as you start up. It’s all too easy to feel bad, or “less than”, or disorganised when we look at the vast array of tasks required to get our businesses off the ground. Consider buying in services – this can be a sound investment, and will give you time to focus on other tasks, as well as giving your business expertise that you may not have.


Be kind to yourself: don’t feel bad about having help and don’t feel bad about needing help. Don’t punish yourself for not being able to do everything on your start-up journey. See having support as your team of employees or colleagues. The start-up journey as a sole trader or self-employed person can be solitary, but it needn’t be a lonely.


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Good luck!

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