“Are you doing the right thing?!”

“Aren’t you worried about not having a job?”

“How will you survive?”

“What about money?”

“Don’t you want to have nice things?”

“How will you deal with being broke all the time?”

“Why not just wait until next year?”

“Look at the economy!”

“I can’t help you if you need money. Just saying.”

“Do you think anyone would want your product?”

“Why not go on Dragon’s Den first?”

“You want commercial premises? That’s sooooooo much money!”

“I think you shouldn’t do this.”

“You can get so much cheap stuff from the Poundshop now though.”

“Why not get two jobs if you want extra money?”

“It’s too hard to start a business these days.”

“I think you’re good but don’t think anyone will pay for it.”



How many of you have heard these statements from friends and family? I’m sure you have other comments you could add to this list! What’s difficult is that people think they are being helpful. They think that they are showing compassion and consideration for the person that expresses a desire to develop an idea they have into a business. They are sure that their advice is exactly what is needed to help their friend not make a big costly mistake.

This is what’s so hard. How do you tell someone that they aren’t being supportive when they think this is EXACTLY what they are being? How do we ask them to be supportive in ways that we need rather than speaking negativity onto our plans before we’ve even got going? It’s very important for us to have people that are supportive of our endeavours, but as we start our entrepreneurial journey it has to be the “right” type of support.

We have to be discerning about who we receive support from and take note of how they give it. Work with and listen to people that encourage you take a chance on yourself, your skills and abilities. Let them see that you love that they care about you, but you need to do this entrepreneurial thing. Tell them that as much as it’s scary to them, it’s scary to you too, but not enough to stop you from trying. Thank them for their love, and tell them that maybe you will need their practical support in the future, a bag of food shopping, a car ride somewhere, access to their network, a big hug! – but that right now you need constructive support and not a projection of their fears onto you.

It sounds harsh, but it’s from a place of love. If they love you, they’ll understand.

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Yes! Yes you are…

Good luck!

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