Who’s in your Corner Team?

Angelo Dundee.

Wali Muhammad.

Ferdie Pacheco.

Drew Bundini Brown.

These men were the trainer, assistant trainers and physician for Muhammad Ali. Drew Bundini Brown was also a poet and speechwriter and was responsible for penning Ali’s famous words “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see!”

Of course Ali took the blows inside the ring, but his team of trainers and supporters were as much a part of his victories and defeats as he was. It’s the combined effort of all of their skills and strengths that created the champion that Ali was.

Who’s in your corner team? Who are the people that look out for you, advise you, mentor you, build you up with positive words, correct your technique, help you take care of your health, check in on your progress about business and ask about YOU? Running a business can be a lonely pursuit  but it’s essential to have people around you that bring their strengths and character to support you as you walk the road of entrepreneurship. Look around at your network and identify the friends and colleagues who will bring specific skills to your table.

You may have a close circle of friends and colleagues, with others on your periphery. We often think that those we speak to most often will be our go-to for everything. It’s quite natural that we place the people in our life in a hierarchy of “closeness” or “contact”. However, for the needs of our businesses or other decision making processes our nearest and dearest may not provide the objectivity that is required. Not every time, but sometimes! It’s worth considering that some in our circle that we don’t speak to as often will have the exact thing that we need at a specific time – even if seldom called upon.

Try to learn the people around you, in order to know who to call on and when. This is a two way process, but of course what you get from others may not be the same thing that they get from you. Think about what you can offer to others, and be that to them.

Start building your corner team today.

Good luck!

Inspired by The Legend, Muhammad Ali, 17th January 1942 – 4th June 2016


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