Decisions, decisions…

Speaking to a new client yesterday we were discussing how she was feeling low about all the changes she wanted to make in her life. She was overwhelmed by it all, which is a feeling I recognise and could relate to in myself and other people that I’ve worked with over the years.

As we spoke she expressed the challenge she was facing – “How do I tackle all of these challenges in my life?” It’s a common almost verbatim sentence uttered by many of us in our lives at some point or another. The vicious circle of feeling like you need to act to make changes, not being able to see a path through the challenges with any clarity therefore not acting, followed by more self-loathing and upset at not acting, on an endless repeat.

13 Rhythms’ clear cut and highly usable strategies and tools can help to remove this feeling of powerlessness. We work with you to help you identify your ideals and move towards them in ways that make sense to you. The first thing to do is make decisions.This is a huge thing but without it we’ll never move forward. The best thing is to book time with us to fully complete this process, but to get you started we would suggest the following:

  1. Make lists – pros and cons exploring the possible outcomes of your decisions
  2. Try to see through to your true self and goals and remove the influence of social and family pressure from your decisions
  3. Accept that some of your decisions may not be the best for everyone in your life even as they are the best for you.

Once we start to use sound processes for our decision making we find a sense of peace and purpose.

Good luck!


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