The Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

There are lots of motivational quotes and images that speak eloquently about the comfort zone and how growth happens “over there”. 13 Rhythms agree with this. However The 13 Way is about being realistic and practical in all our pursuits.

Let’s do this: think  about a time that you’ve attended a training course or a similar type of event. Chances are you found a seat in the morning, returned there after lunch and stayed there until the end of the day. We choose the seat that we like and stay there for the entire day, becoming strongly connected to the plastic and metal chair that we’ve only just been introduced to!  We place our coats and bags around the chair and settle in. We become very comfortable in that chair and don’t move from it.

The notion of escaping the comfort zone is often represented by skydiving, rock climbing or doing a bungee jump. We understand that this is out of reach for many of us, people who then feel frustrated that they aren’t stretching ourselves.


But we say this. Next time you’re at an event, move seats. Just sit in a different chair. After lunch, adjust yourself to a new seat, a new neighbour and a new perspective. After tea, swap again. This is “getting out of your comfort zone” too. It’s a small thing, but try it. You’ll have done something different, something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do – that’s getting out of your comfort zone too. Start here and who knows where you’ll end up – maybe throwing yourself out of a plane.

Or maybe just to a different chair…

Good luck!


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