Being Pitch Perfect!

You’ve secured an opportunity to sell your business to potential supporters or investors…what can you do to make the most of this opportunity?

A business pitch is your opportunity to sell your idea with passion, enthusiasm and simplicity. A good pitch is about The 3 P’s. Follow these steps to help you prepare your perfect pitch with confidence.

Personality: People buy people. We’ve all heard this many times, and in business it’s no different. Your business idea may not be the usual type that investors support, but a connection with you as the business owner can make them diversify. Angel investors and venture capitalists are big proponents of this. They often take a business owner under their wing because they believe in the person, knowing that they can help them solidify their business ideas. Showing your personality in your pitch is important. Be natural. Show your enthusiasm about your business idea and tell people why you’re the perfect person to run this business. Wear comfortable, smart clothes, smart shoes and accessories that show your personality, whilst remaining professional. Your body language should show that you’re comfortable in your space and happy to be there. Be remembered – for the right reasons.

Persuasion: Convey your ideas in an imaginative manner. Draw pictures in the minds of your panel with your words. Help them to see the need for your business, and tell them why you’re the perfect person to run this business. If you’re using PowerPoint or Prezi presentations, don’t load slides with lots of information – you want the panel to focus on you and your words, not struggle to read your slides. Use your slides creatively – add pictures or short film clips to bring your presentation to life. If you have written materials or samples you want to share, do that at the end of your presentation. At the start of your pitch tell your panel that you will have time for questions at the end of your presentation, and make sure you allow ample time for this to happen. Rehearsing your pitch and timing yourself will help here. This is P 2.5 – practice!

Passion: Enjoy your pitch. Your belief in yourself and your business needs to be at the forefront of how you come across to the panel. Remember that over 70% of communication is non-verbal, so your overall demeanour needs to exude interest, excitement and commitment to your endeavours. Showing that you care through producing attractive and properly spell-checked written materials will help, as will your arrival at the venue in good time and being fully prepared. It all adds up to giving a good overall impression about you and your brand.

Practice, practice and practice some more and remember to be kind on yourself. Give it your all every single time and don’t be disheartened if you don’t come out of a pitch with exactly what you wanted. Every opportunity to share information about your business is a marketing and networking opportunity.

Good luck!


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